“Where Activist become a Torchbearer for Asylum seeker” #Stansted15

It was 2017 March, A group of protestors stood for the rights of asylum seekers and chain themselves on to that unlawful voyage of deportation.  The conviction Home office against the protestors was under Violent acts of terrorism which were highly controversial.  

The video where we were doing protest for Stansted15 in 2019

Nevertheless, we can understand this conviction was unlawful there was a huge protest against this arrest and we also did protest in Newcastle. The journey of the judicial process continued.

It’s known that the controversial decision of deportation by the Home Office keeps continued after that as well. It was not also distinguishable that how Home Office made those decisions in terms of using a law that an asylum seeker has the right to appeal!!

Why do I call “this is the perimeter of asylum seekers where those protestors became an Angel of Light for those asylum seekers in #Stansted15?” because this specific incident has shown the importance and the justification of law that the right to protest and the right to treat a human being as a human being has to establish in the pinpoint borderline as asylum seekers’ rights are human rights.

Through the years through my own asylum process, I have understood in many ways how I became a victim of anxiety, a victim of uncertainty, and to carry those tags in my day to day life. Deportation is very scary, deportation it’s not the solution. We have seen in many cases after deportation people have died and prosecuted where his/ her life was been described it will be dangerous.

Did we learn from those processes whatever’s happening in the United Kingdom?? doesn’t the UK has any responsibility from the colonial era to look after those people? Did we forget about Winston Churchill? This is a big question??

 Again will be a question on my mind that the way the United Kingdom treats its immigrants by using its own laws sometimes it’s very controversial and hard to challenge those procedures and get access to legal help. Where is the duty of care or duty of aftercare by the United Kingdom for those asylum seekers who seek refuge for the safety of their life?  During that protest for Stanstead 15 in Newcastle back in 2019-  A person came to me and asked me “we cannot house our own people why would he accommodate asylum seekers using our own taxpayer’s money”   I asked that person a simple question-  Do you know since 2010 until 2019 how much that British government spends bombing other countries selling and weapons?  the answer was no. I explained to her there are a billion pounds it’s been misspent behind the doors.  The normal members of the public are barely aware of those situations.

My protest with MAJF 2020 for Stansted 15

Then I asked that person don’t you think we could use that money to provide homes and do so much contractive work for the UK rather than destroying others?

Surprisingly the answer was “Oh my God I didn’t know about it.”  Also surprisingly I got the answer “I’m sorry I didn’t understand how politics works.” I also gave her the approximate expenditure of the UK for the asylum seekers each year which is a tiny portion of the billions of pounds we spend throughout those years for doing naughty stuff around the world.

Lastly and more importantly, On behalf of those asylum seekers and indeed all of the asylum seekers who are in a fear of deportation I’d really like to thank the 15 torchbearers Who have shown the members of the public in the UK that non-violent resistance it’s not terrorism. and also to add to the thousands of torch bearer who is working behind the scene for asylum seekers together we are stronger and together it is possible to stop injustice. I wish this will also remind us of the “duty of care” we have to offer as a nation to the Sanctuary seekers. ” The torchbearer of Stanstead 15 you will be remembered in the history of UK asylum seekers rights if not on the judicial page I can confirm.”  MD

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