We got blood on our hand “Afghanistan” (Analysis from an Asylum seeker Law Student)

There are chaotic scenes in Afghanistan as thousands look to flee the country in fear of the Taliban, is it vital that the UK look to help refugees?

It is vital that the UK look to help refugees without any delay.  

As far as that goes you probably remember that – the Taliban’s will be executing people and they did in the past, when they were in charge of the country, they even stoning to death women who are raped.

The idea anybody thinks it’s unreasonable for Afghans to want to get out of the way of that awful future …I would say it’s an emergency. these people don’t want to be there, their life is in danger and it is clear.  

In the word, an emergency is the important one I think. and the threat to these people’s lives is just as great as if they were in a burning building.

it is an emergency and it is not the time to say by our government-  Oh yes we’ll do it in an orderly fashion like 5 thousand every year…

 There is no orderly fashion if people are jumping out of a burning building you don’t tell stand it to stay inside the building waiting for an orderly queue to deserve certain death..

If you know certainly someone will be prosecuted unlawfully and you tell them to wait for next year or put them on the queue that doesn’t make any sense.

It is the central government that is responsible for all these and the central government that should fund all these processes directly.

The world has seen what desperation means.,

Do I have any concerns about the situation?

The word “desperation” becomes vital in this situation. Where people are desperate to get out of that situation during covid I hope people did not forget that yet. I have heard so many negative comments so far on my social media about it. All they must do – is they’ve only got to look at those people falling off the plane when it’s taking off and in today’s new video a mum is throwing her baby from the fence.

19.08.2021- Reuters

It’s us the British, US and other western countries-   we made them feel that it would be safe for them to do what while we were there.  now we have put them in danger. For example, some of the women become judges, MPs, interpreters translators for the British and American forces and helped them throughout the time.  All these things we gave them the security in thinking that they are safe to do those things so we can’t now say – Oh well sorry you were late for work three times so we sack you, so you don’t now have any right-left anymore.

All those social media pictures, Facebook picture standing next to British Army – you can be absolutely sure that – Taliban will have a lot that information and they’ll be will be picking people up 1 by 1 and we will not get the news that they have been prosecuted because there will be no way..

Women and children in Pakistan Border recently

And finally, do more resources need to be given to improve conditions for refugees when they arrive in the Uk?

People who spent the whole of lockdown insisting they were prisoners in turmoil and that society was collapsing coz they couldn’t go to the pub and had to just watch Netflix are now scoffing at the idea of people wanting to flee Afghanistan ( collected) .  The system of resettlement is not fit for the purpose. There is no fair share policy by the Uk government in terms of taking refugees, Local councils are not been given any funds to work properly in this situation and the ultimate burden then replies on the charities and members of the public. What have we achieved doing all these in Afghanistan? I would say we have put more blood in our hands which can not be removed. The government is not consulting the solution with real-life experienced people. The new border bill will be a harsh reflection of criminalising seeking asylum in the UK ( See my detailed analysis about the upcoming proposed Border bill in this link below- Just click on the link-

How do I fit myself As an Asylum seeker (Law student) in the New Nationality and Borders Bill 2021!!

 I would urge the government to please.. please – take a human approach to restore humanity and our pride to be a great nation that is there for the refugees.

You can treat me as a foreigner You can tell me to go back to where I came from You can blame me for homelessness in the UK You can blame me for taking your job You can blame me for being in your community But you can not blame something is called “Humanity” You can not change me to love this country You can not change me to be there for my community You can not stop me love humanity. MD Mominul Hamid ( An Asulum Seeker in the UK)

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