This week I have delivered 40 food pack! Total 194👍🥰🚵💪- Md’s Little Help Food Bank Update Week 4

Md’s Little help Food Bank Update Week 4 (26/04/2020) #Covid19 Food Bank Hello every one, here is the update for my little help food bank week 3. So far I have given 37 food packs to the people in this week ending 26/04/2020. Total counting- 194. Please feel free to send me any questions or suggestions in my number – 07466703770. If you have any referrals for the food packs in the Newcastle and Gateshead area please get in touch with me in the number provided 👆. Thanks so much for the help you did and your generosity. Please keep me in your blessings. Please subscribe my channel to get more update in this little initiative. To find out more Please visit my blog- To see week 1 update ( 05/04/2020- Md’s Little help Food Bank Update Week 1 (05/04/2020) #Covid19 Food Bank… To see week 2 update ( 12/04/2020- Md’s Little help Food Bank Update Week 1 (05/04/2020) #Covid19 Food Bank… To see more videos about the food bank. please click- 1. Delivering Food pack ‘Part 3 “by Md’s bike-… 2. Delivering Food Pack By Md’s Bike “Part 2”-… 3. Md’s Little Help Food Pack Delivery In Covid-19, By Bike Part 3-… To donate food please visit the Facebook page… And DM me 07466703770. Or follow me on Twitter- @abirhamid2017 or for more details visit my Blog- Kind Regards- Md

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