Straight Talk by Md- Think twice before you park your car in Covid19!

We are passing a very strange time. COVID 19 has taught us many things so far how to be considerate and help each other. If we can think about others and act generously it will be great for our community and our country. Parking a car is a big issue always but not when there is plenty of spaces just on the corner and put your mighty car on the footpath. My straight talk will try to find out the problem from now ok and reflect them to our community. I did complain to the City council several times. This is one of the hotspot people keep doing it. Other day in January it was school off time, Lots of kids with parents were risking their life while someone out their car like this in the exact place. i stopped a police car and report it. When i ring the council they said there is no one available to come there at that time.

We need to act together to be safe and make our community gorgeous 😍.

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