Straight Talk By Md- Covid-19 & Home office “Pandora BOX”

Straight Talk By MD

The metaphorical “Systematic Trauma” Asylum seekers are having due to CoronaVirus while facing it in everyday life through years and years needs to be answered by the government and Home Office. Signposting culture of the Government addressing the problems asylum seekers are going through including myself is still in a Pandora Box. Together we need to expose it. I am putting my concerns in the video again here-  

The impact of COVID 19  

Hope –  My mother was my inspiration and my teacher from my childhood. I have learned how to act in distress and be kind from my mother. During this COVID -19 it is a difficult situation for all of us but we all live in a hope that it will go one day. I am living in Covi19 in my everyday life. Let’s find out how, I am not allowed to work, Not allowed to integrate, not allowed to study , Not allowed to access the internet due to my economical barrier. Hope is a resource. Sometimes people lose jobs, go through with mental health problems, pandemic happens, we get hopeless. This situation has gone through my life for years and years through the asylum system. My mother’s last word to me: Be there for people and help them, something good will happen in return. To relate with My food bank is the result of being there for my community and it is the light of Hope for those who are hopeless in this pandemic. 

“It is one of the principles of my  faith to help our fellow human beings:

There is no hope from the government and I am living in uncertainty. 

I am struggling with daily food, the internet and so called hostile environments and detention. 

Post Covid 19-

 I want to work with the Government to take proper initiative to find out the root cause of a Hostile environment in the UK. I have seen so many organisations are doing research on it. I am a living Research project, I would like to contribute to the policy of asylum seekers in the UK. I want my voice to be heard which relates to my city of sanctuary values.  I would like to propose to the government now to grant status to the asylum seekers and undocumented people to give them basic rights of food, health and life as a human being. 

Home is a big organisation. A little Fairytale before I finish, Home office has a Pandora box- there are two bottles in that box. One is with a hostile  Hostile Environment, Another is with welcoming immigration policy. The accidental release of the hostile bottle. We have to work hard now to get that pandora box bottle from the government’s secret vault.

Thanks for reading. 

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