Stories of scarcity and non-availability

A known older brother of mine used to be a tutor of a  girl while studying at College. This was back in Bangladesh,2009.

That brother of mine was a handsome guy.. The student (girl) whom he was a private tutor was then passing her teen age.

So what happened next?.

One day while that brother was teaching her she proposed to him. That brother said only one thing in response to the offer,

“You have the Internet and a computer. You can not even run the computer properly. But you still have the latest desktop. I have passed two semesters. I told my father to buy me a  study computer because I study computer science. I really needed a computer. But my father said you can’t.

He said to that girl, you understand the rest. I won’t come to teach from tomorrow. “I don’t know what happened to that student after that.

But my that brother is a very successful man today and a UNIVERSITY TEACHER. ( there is a time for everything so determination is much needed in life)

One day I went to one of my friend’s houses and I ate in his house. He cooks very nicely. The meat was so spicy that tears were coming out of my eyes. I said to my friend, ‘Why are you cooking so spicy food?

He replied: “There was a shortage of food in my family when I was young. I often used to eat rice with just chilies. It has become a habit ever since.”

That was the answer of the friend. I was shocked and when I came out of his house my eyes were full of tears not because of chili. Thinking about him now – He is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Bangladesh.

Not everyone understands the stories of scarcity and non-availability, And a lot of the current generation has got all the things they want sometimes very easily. So to them, this may sound annoying. But I just say this – “Lack of life, tension, struggle – these things are really needed.”

No, I’m not blaming anyone’s ability. That, of course, is a matter of gratitude. However, some people get everything they want and confuse life with different aspects of life. For them, maybe life means a selfie, check-in, DJ party, hang out, barbecue, or some virtual experience.

Do they know the reality is not so straightforward? Where everything cannot be updated with one status or two selfies. Maybe sometimes they do.

I still remember having one time a day food when I was confined in the UK.

If you want to keep real-life experiences keep going, you have to run. You will get obstacles while running. Tears will come out of your eyes and you will feel the pain.  But remember the motivation from this tear will be a lesson for you and this lesson will take you up where you do not even know. You have to stand up and run again and think about the positive sides of your story that you have learned through this experience. My journey continues. What about yours? 🙏🏽😊❤️❤️MD

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