Special Mother’s Day UK – Md’s Little Help Food Bank 😊🚴 Social experiment #MdsJourney

Mothers day Special video Please watch and share.

Hello everyone, To pay tribute to all the mothers on Mother’s day I have decided to do this social experiment. Md’s Little Help food bank did 700 food pack delivery throughout the covid time 2020 in 6 months time to the vulnerable refugees, asylum seekers, elderlies, and migrants and families in Newcastle and Gateshead Watch the playlist-

Thanks to CounterPoint Arts London, Nish Kumar- Famous Comedian, John, Sarah, Tom Green, Waseem for the support to MD’s Little help food Bank to continue the good work. Please kindly let me know what do you think about this social experiment. Making people smile and give something back to everyday heroes in our community is our duty. I always remember my beloved mom’s last word to me – Son- be there for people Be there for your community, Something good will happen in return. Please keep me in your blessings and i wish to continue this kind of work if possible. Any kind of help or support will be great. Please email – abirking1988@gmail.com. or visit my blog to send me a message through my social media- www.abirking.com kind regards MD

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