Robin “The Wonder Boy” – MD

Robin Went to Shop to buy a doll for her sister

Mr Ben, Went to the supermarket to do some shopping. While standing on the queue he saw a little boy was talking to the cashier with some coins in his hand. That little boy Robin was not listening to the cashier and was trying to tell the cashier “ Please count the money properly, I know I have enough money to  pay for this Little Doll”

Cahier was telling the little
boy Robin again “I have counted and your money is not enough to get this doll”

Robin told the cashier in a crying voice “ But I really have to take this doll though!” Please check that again.

Mr Ben could not stop being
curious and went forward to see what is happening. The cashier was telling the little
boy you may go back to your parents and get more money to get the doll. Then Mr
Ben went to Robin and put his hand in his shoulder and asked if he could assist
Little man?

Robin told Mr. Ben. This little doll was favourite to my little sister. Now, I do not have that much time. My mother will go to my sister very soon. I want to give it to my mother as she will be joining my sister and tell her if she could give that to my little sister on her birthday. Mr Ben asked Robin curiously “ Why don’t you go along with your mom to surprise your little sister?”

My sister lives with the star

Robin replied- I really wish I could but my little sister now staying with the Stars-pointing on the sky, my dad said to me ,my mom will be joining her very soon and we do not have any time left” I have to stay with my dad , otherwise dad will be lonely.

Mr Ben understood it and tried to hide his tears. Mr Ben told robin, “ it must me cashier mistake, let me count that again and he added some coins on it hiddenly and paid it to the cashier”.

Little boy whispering to mother’s ear.

The cashier gave him the doll and return some coins back. Then Robin was thanking Mr ben saying “ I told you the cashier was miscounting the money and I was praying to the creator today morning if I could have some extra money so that I could buy a White Rose for my mother” Now I have it “ I am so happy”

Mr Ben followed Robin towards the hospital. From Robins father, Mr Ben learned “ Robin’s sister died 2 days ago in a car accident. His mother is passing the crucial time”

Meanwhile, Robin went to his mother and whispered: “ Mother you go to my little sister and give her this doll and tell her I will look after Dady and I will be with her soon”  …………

Request: Life is very short. Please love your family and the people around you. Believe on good deeds. Whenever you can come forward to help people. Be there for people no matter what. We will not be in this world forever but our love, affections, help and kindness will stay. During this crisis of coronavirus, I have revisited this old story once again to spread this crucial message to everyone. Love from MD.

Stay well and blessed Everyone- MD

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