Ramadan Mubarak get-together from Mds Little Help Dinner Club

Ramadan Mubarak From
“Mds Little Help Dinner Club”.
I have arranged some Iftaar parties with locals and my Asylum seeker’s brothers and sisters this Ramadan. This Dinner club aims to “Make a connection via food”. In my previous experience as a fusion Chef, I tried to cook the food people liked, share my culture, and make connections.

Watch the youtube video of Iftaar party- Ramdan 2023 with MD

‘Be there for your community, Be there for your people,
Something good will happen in return”- My beloved mother.

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I have Celebrated my Birthday with Local Asylum seeker doing dinner together. What about you? – Md’s Little Help Dinner Club

Thanks, everyone, for your support and compassion.💌🤲🌙. #MdsLittleHelpDinnerClub #MdsLHDC #MdsJourney #RamadanWithAsylumSeekers #RamadanShareCompassion #communitymatter

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