Newcastle to Whitehaven By local buses Description

What a day it was. 14th of September 2019. Just suddenly i have decided to go somewhere where i can find Atlantic. I love nature and i thought it will be great to travel by local buses with connection to Whitehaven. It is accordingly 99 miles away from Newcastle just another side of the country. I am in east and white heaven is in West. I took some light food on my bag, my travel binocular and started my journey. I planned my journey from Newcastle Haymarket bus stop A at 10.40 am. Bus 685 will take you to Carlisle from Newcastle and it will take around 2 hours or so. Once you are in Carlisle you get a connecting bus from the same bus station probably from bay 5 towards Whitehaven. The bus is Number 300 gold. it goes towards the scenic view of the Lake District and I have witnessed the view of Wigton, Aspatria, Crosby, Maryport, Flimby, Workington, River Derwent, Harrington, Parton. Pictures are on my traveling pictures – Newcastle to Whitehaven. Whitehaven is a very old and historic town. From the year 1172 it is an established town. It has a historical background of most famous Fishing port, Then coal industry, Business with Virginia – tobacco business. I have seen the famous Beacon Museum. It was nearly the closing time when I arrived in Whitehaven. It took me 4 and half hours to reach there by buses. I went to the Local Church as there was some orchestra going on. Found out the Grave of Paternal Grandmother of George Washington (First President of USA). There is a link between these two nations. I went near the port and saw the CANDLE STICK on the top of the little mountain. Very nice view and not to be missed if you go there. I only spend there one hour and 45 minutes. As if you stay longer then you can not get the last bus to NEWCASTLE from Carlisle. Nice little town , neat and clean. You can also see the mountains of Galloway and other parts of Scotland form the costal walkthrough CANDLE Stick. If you are a foodie then it’s better to have food in Maryport as there is good options there. I would like to add you won’t miss the scenic view of Lake district as well during this journey by bus. The bus from Carlisle to Whitehaven is double decker, it is best to climb on the top and see these views. The whole journey will cost you transport- £17( including return to Newcastle), Food( Depends on your choice, a water bottle is must), Your beautiful desire of adventure to see beautiful England. On my way back the bus was scheduled at 5.05 pm towards Carlisle from Whitehaven. When you arrive in Carlisle you need to wait for 20 minutes for the connection Bus 685 towards Newcastle on bay 4. Make sure you have plenty of food and water throughout the journey and you check the weather forecast prior to this journey. When I went there it was a sunny day. On my way back I found some great names of little towns called “ Prospect, Allerby, Bullgill, Siddick, Lowca, Parton, Moota, Bothel, Plumbland. Bit unusual names isn’t it? But they are beautiful places where nature shows it’s charisma. I hope you have enjoyed reading my little blog and journey. English is my second language so please forgave me for my bad expression. Any kind of questions and suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Whiteheaven Beech
History of Whiteheaven
The grave of The Paternal grandmother of Jeorge Washington
The iconic view of the Candlestick

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