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Md’s travel Blog to ” Newbiggin By the SEA, England.

Preamble: I have really enjoyed my journey and I wish you will too. It is my little initiative for the people in my community who want adventure and sometimes can not afford to see the great places because they do not have Car and an extra advantage for my lovely elderlies to use their Freedom Bus pass ( Free Bus pass) to explore the nostalgic beauties of the north of England. Please leave your comments and any questions you have regarding this journey.

Planning by bus from Newcastle: I have started my journey on a Sunny day in early November 2020 from Newcastle Bus. X21 from Newcastle Haymarket will take you straight there. A Day Explorer ticket of £7.80 will give you the unlimited joy to explore anywhere in the northeast of England by bus if you get it. It takes around 1 hour and 20 minutes by bus to Newbiggin by the sea.

Visit Newbiggin-by-the-Sea: A small coastal town in South East Northumberland. The town is famous for its revamped beach, which eroded badly during recent decades but underwent a massive redevelopment in 2007. That year, more than 500,000 tonnes of sand were brought up the coast from Skegness and placed on the beach. Make the most of your visit and stay in a Newbiggin bed and breakfast.

Couple sculture

Visiting the Beach: Concrete steps and ramps provide easy access onto Newbiggin’s sands. Part of the project includes a new breakwater, graced with a 12.5 meter high sculpture called The Couple by artist Sean Henry. The project was a bid to restore Newbiggin’s coast to its glory days, when golden sands attracted visitors to the little resort, and has been a hit with residents and visitors alike.

North SEA Sea Bird: The town attracts nature lovers who come to watch the North Sea seabird passage during the autumn and spring. It is also home to a seaside links golf course that is open year-round.

Dolphin Watching: Unfortunately I have to spotted Dolphin this time. If you’re passionate about marine life, why not join the Newbiggin by the Sea Dolphin Watch Association to spot dolphins, whales, seals and otters.  It’s fun, free and there is something for everyone to see.  They are a voluntary group whose mission is to watch over wild dolphins and other marine animals that visit Newbiggin Bay and the surrounding area.  They have an educational programme for all age groups and backgrounds and organise dolphin watches at Church Point during Summer months.  Membership of their Association is free of charge, though donations towards their work are always gratefully received.  Please have a look at their website – there’s something for everybody. 

My Experience: All of my travel is natural and most of the time I do not do it with a plan. I just get there and get the most out of it. Sometimes nature helps me and sometimes the locals. Do not hesitate to explore. Go for it. Find it and enjoy it. Give yourself some time and your family and friends. I have enjoyed going there as it was a nice little town and a lovely beach. Lovely locals and something very natural. If you are lucky you will see DOLPHINS. They do not come always but it is a good place to spot them. I always urge everyone please do not throw plastics in our sea. It hampers our wildlife. Make sure you take plenty of water with you. There is a Co-Op in the town and a good fish and chips as well. Remember to maintain social distance as of the government regulations. I have seen Puffins this time which was great and A Jack dove. Which you will see in my video. Some people already have asked me if I do those journey on purpose and if someone sponsor them. That was a question from Vietnam. I was really surprised after my last blog was published – https://abirking.com/a-short-visit-to-amble-northumberland-england-mds-little-journeys/. – A short visit to Amble. My answer is I do not do them on purpose but my intention is to show the importance of nature and culture and heritage of THE UK. Make a profound relationship with nature with us utmost and caring. And of course to serve my community who can not afford to go somewhere and to show them we have resources within our reach. I do sponsor my trips myself with the little asylum money I get. I hope and wish you will enjoy your journey and let me know your experience in the Newbiggin by the Sea,

Precautions: According to new rules ( Published on 31/10/2020- You can exercise or visit outdoor public places with the people you live with, your support bubble, or 1 person from another household. Outdoor public places include: parks, beaches, countryside, public gardens (whether or not you pay to enter them), allotments playgrounds

Some information was gathered from various websites and Wikipedia and my own experiences. If you have further inquiries about visiting Newbiggin by the Sea please feel free to email me. abirking1988@gmail.com. Thanks again.” MD “

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