“My Pink Icecream Grandmom”

The sun was blazing, making it a super hot day. It was a day that practically begged for some Devon’s Milk Icecream. Little did I know I was about to experience a heartwarming moment of kindness with an elderly lady at Heron Foods

Granny with her Pinky Attitude

I needed frozen chips, so I headed to Heron Foods. When it was my turn to pay at the small checkout counter, there was little space on the belt. I put my frozen chips at the end and patiently waited for the people ahead of me to finish. While I was checking my phone, something unique happened. An older lady around my grandma’s age had placed my chips on the belt and put a separator behind them. Such a sweet gesture, right?

I was so touched that I couldn’t help but smile at her. She probably didn’t know I’m an asylum seeker, but that didn’t matter. She only had a pack of Pink Strawberry Delight ice cream cones. The cashier joked about them being like pink Barbie ice creams. The old lady’s face lit up with joy, and she even had a couple of missing front teeth, which made me laugh too.

I noticed she had some coins in her hand, holding onto them tightly. Then, as I got closer to paying, I decided to do something nice. I picked up her ice cream box and told her, “Granny, I’ll pay for this.” People were behind me, and the cashier was watching, but Granny seemed unsure about what was happening. Maybe she thought I was taking her ice cream? So, I told her again, “It’s on me.” But she still seemed a bit unsure.

I said, “Granny, it’s a treat from your secret grandson. Go ahead and enjoy it!” The cashier asked if we were paying together, and I said yes. Granny looked at everyone around her and said, “Isn’t this nice?” she told everyone, “No, it’s not just nice. I wish I could always be here for our grandmas.” I really wanted her to have it, so I said, “Please, take it. I’ll be really happy.”

She hesitated for a moment, and then I reassured her. “Granny, I’m here. Just take it.” She finally accepted, and I paid. Everyone had a smile on their face. When I left the store and headed to the bus stop, I saw Granny in her purple dress, sitting and enjoying her ice cream cones. I wished I could do more, but it felt good to make her happy.

I thought to myself, if we all did small things like this for our community, wouldn’t the world be a nicer place? These folks have given a lot to our country (yes, I consider it my country, too), so can’t we show them some kindness? Can’t we teach our future generations about compassion through these little acts?

MD’s journey continues, and if you’re up for it, let’s spread some joy together; let me know. Thanks for reading, everyone! #mdsjourney #CompassionateCommunity #MdsLegalbinoCular #SharingCommunity #elderlies #respectelders

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