My interview with Metro Radio UK – Md ( Asylum seekers Housing and reality). Report and #Straight Talk by- Md.

My interview with Metro Radio UK

After I have done the report about the asylum seekers hostel in my video blog I was been approached my A* “Journalist from Metro Radio’. I have tried to picturized the overall situation in some of the housing where asylum seekers live in the UK. I wish and hope this will raise awareness and the home office would take this seriously and sort this out asap. Bering in mind whoever would like to challenge these living conditions, I would personally ask him to come and share the experience we have and then do a debate with me why it shouldn’t be reported and why urgent steps should not be taken asap by the home office and service providers. Stay well and spread empathy. This is what we need to exercise widely right now. Thanks. kind regards Md 🙏🏽

Here is the Original Report –

my full report on Asylum seekers hostel.

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