Md’s Straight Talk to Shadow Minister of the UK Home office ( Holly Lynch MP)/05/2021

Watch the Straight talk by MD

I had an opportunity to speak and Question the Shadow Minister of the UK Home office ( Holly Lynch MP)/05/2021. It was great and I am happy to be able to express my opinion about being a victim of slavery and trafficking in the UK. The new change in immigration law especially for the victims of trafficking and slavery will be a disaster. Here is the transcript of it ( There are some changes on the verbal delivery). Thanks to Asylum matters and Jen law for this opportunity.

My name is MD . From Newcastle. A law student and a Sanctuary seeker.

I would like to express my own situation of the victim of slavery and trafficking in this case.  The new plan proposes to make a distinction between people who claim asylum as an illegal entrant and those coming to the UK via resettlement schemes. My own case shows that people are coerced into illegal entry because of the lack of legal routes and then having entered illegally they are open to exploitation and abuse because they have no protection from the state. If the new plan were to be implemented, how would it affect victims of trafficking like me? Would I even be able to come forward? Or because i was aware that as an illegal entrant my case would be treated differently, would you be forced to stay, trapped? 

 No..The exploiters will use the situation of vulnerable people like me and I will be feeling very reluctant to express it to the authorities giving that thought in mind I do not want to loose my child. Shall I keep getting the abuse or do nothing? In my case all of belongings were confiscated, I was threatened to be given to the police or immigration and face deportation and will not have a chance to see my British son for forever!!…I still remember how hard it was for me not to see my son after he was born and then when I was rescued, I have to leave him behind.

The modern-day slavery Act 2015, itself is broken. I keep getting broken promises even I have written to Victoria Atkinson MP many times. All of my extra support was taken away after I got positive conclusive ground on my slavery and trafficking last year. I am concerned about the double jeopardy and the retrospectives of English immigration system.

I urge to you honourable Shadow Minister if you have time in future, I want to speak to you in details about it. And I hope and wish by the time of your 6th anniversary of your maiden House of parliament speech we will see some positive changes in the system with your support and kindness. My exam.

Thanks for being there for us always.  

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