Md’s Little Help Food Delivery By Bike part 3

Hello everyone, got 7 referrals for food pack today. I have personally delivered 6 with my little 2 wheels and 1 will be taken by my generous helper to the family in need. Thanks again for all of your help in this little food bank. #solidarity in #Covid-19 what we need. Special thanks to Sian Summer Rees Rees from wales and her friends from the City of Sanctuary, Andrea Carter and her little ones Ruth a Generous person and her family and her friends from Crawcrook and Millie from Liverpool, Hannah, Gorgeous Amy Golding for her generosity always 😍😍😍😊🚴‍♂️👆👆😊😊😊💐 please subscribe and share the good cause. We must be there for our vulnerable people in needs. Regards MD

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