Mds Journey-Sofa to Summit Charity Walk with City Heart UK.

What is Sofa to Summit?

The event is from July 4 – July 10 and will feature an in-person guided hike of the Yorkshire Three Peaks on July 9, however, supporters can also cover the 25.5-mile distance virtually by running, hiking, swimming, or cycling their own equivalent route. City Heart a leading charity that helps the victims and survivors of slavery and trafficking in the UK has organised it. Watch my full video vlog –

Team Sunderland

I had the golden opportunity to take part in this. Thanks to Ed, Phill, Team Sunderland, Faye Smith, Katherine, Luise, Allison, Anna and everyone who has supported me in this great cause to raise some money for the survivors like me. I have walked through the coastline of the North East of England. We have started from Sunderland. Team Sunderland was with me up to 8 km of my walk and then I continued further on myself. It’s a lovely part of the country and I have really enjoyed walking. Due to my health condition ( which occurred during my enslavement and confinement) I can not walk much nowadays but I have tried my best to break that barrier.

The money raised by this year’s event will go to City Hearts’ Integration Support Department, which runs programmes aimed at increasing the confidence, self-worth, and resilience of survivors.

“The money raised from this challenge will bring comfort and relief to traumatised victims, especially in recovering their mental health and their overall wellbeing’- MD . To donate please follow this link-

The Star has released their news about my walk-

Some comments – “GO GO GO. Rooting for you- many congratulations for literally stepping into freedom and stepping out so others can follow in your footsteps 🙂 All of us at City Hearts are so proud of you.” Thanks, Faye**

Where I have finished my walk.

Thanks, everyone for the support and help always. MD

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