Make Spinach Pakora Meal in £1.80- Md’s Little Help Kitchen in #Covid-19👨🏽‍🍳👆

Md’s Little Help kitchen::

It’s my little initiative to be there for my vulnerable people in the community. I used to be a cook before so I have learned so many ways how you can cook food in the most cost-effective way. This recipe is for everyone especially in Ramadan When you break your fast. As asylum seekers have to live on £5 / day. I thought during this pandemic I should introduce my lost skills which can feed us for a whole day and will help other vulnerable people in the community. All the ingredients are used here are natural. It’s a good exercise and also gives you an opportunity to be creative in making different cousins. This is Spinach Pakora. ( Suitable for Vegan people) It’s very cost-effective and will cost you no more than £1.80 a day. And yes before you start cooking please make sure you wash your hand and be safe with kitchen safety precautions. To start – You will need A frying pan and bowl. 1. Spinach 2. Turmeric powder 3. Chilli powder. 4. Cooking Salt. 5. Cooking Oil. 6. Garlic and Ginger Paste. 7. Hot water. 8. Gram Flour or Chickpeas( Paste) 10. Whole mix spices. 11. 2 green chillis ( Only if you like Spicy Pakoras) 12. Coriander 13. Half of the red onion. Cost- 1. Spinach = £0.50 2. Whole mix spice pack of 400gm £1.25. ( You will only use 20gm will cost 10p)= £0.10 3. Gram Flour 1 kg pack £2.50. ( You will only use 100gm which will cost – 25p)= £0.25 4. Turmeric Powder, Chilli Powder, Cooking Salt 750gm pack £0.25. ( You will only use 10gm which will cost 5p)=£0.10 5. Cooking oil ( Basic vegetable or Sunflower oil) 1 litre £0.99. ( You will use only 200 gm oil which will cost 30p. = £0.20 ( Most of the oil you will be using reusable again after frying) 6. Cooking Gas- approx £0.25p 7. Garlic Ginger paste- 1kg coast £2.00. ( You will only use 20 gm which will cost 10p)- 10p 8. 2 Green Chilli- 10p 9. Coriander- 10p. 10. Half red onion- 10p. So altogether- £(0.50+0.10+0.25+0.10+0.20+ 0.25+ 0.10 +0.10+ 0.10+ 0.10) = £1.80 For 10 a big size of Spinach Pakora ( Approx- more or less) ***If you do not have gram flour then please get chickpeas and then blender them and use them as a paste.*** Bearing in mind that you may use whole mix spice or not or turmeric powder or Garlic and ginger paste. So then if any of these items missed on your recipe it will be cheaper. Approx. a number of medium size Vegetable Pakora you will get will be 20-25 of them. So using the bulk what I have said here you will be able to cook 10 more times. Please let me know if you have any questions. To see How to make Vegetable Pakora Meal for £1.30… Thanks for your comment and asking me for more recipes. To see how to make Lentils Pakora for only £2 /day meal please visit-… How to do Onion Bhazi Day meal for £1.50 only in Md’s little help kitchen #Covid19.🧑‍🍳🙏🧅… Please it is a request subscribe my channel. and share it with the people you know. And to find more videos please visit my Youtube-… To find out more please visit my blog- Regards- MD

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