‘Lived experience voice- Uncertainty of Hostility in my Life as An asylum Seeker in the UK.’

In this blog, I will share my lived experience and the elements of a hostile environment created by the home office since I have claimed asylum ( After I was rescued as a victim of slavery and trafficking in the UK)

Could I take the opportunity to share some of this with you all-
1. I cannot have a bank account.
2. I can not have a holiday with my British child in London because I need a valid Id, and an Asylum registration card is not accepted by many hotels and Air BnB as a valid Id.
3. I can not have a TV or Tv license in the home.
4. I cannot have a driving license to drive.
5. I can not have a phone contract.
6. I must not have a pet.
7. Anyone from the housing group can enter my room without any notification, and they have extra keys.
8. I cannot pursue my legal career as a Barrister as I can not apply for pupillage to the chambers as I am not allowed to work or even get permission to work. This profession is not on the shortage of occupation list.
9. I can’t apply for a legal vacation scheme, paid training, legal assistance, or court work as I am not entitled to work. So I can not have any advocacy or real-life experiences like others.
10. I will not get any scholarship (In Bar) as my status has been pending last five and half years for no reason by the Home Office.
11. I cannot tell anyone in the privileged Bar sector as soon as I disclose I am an asylum seeker, and for being a person of colour, I was treated differently and even at the court entrance(My blog coming soon about it). Even the Bar council or chambers does not know how to help or support me.
12. I can’t tell my 6 years old British child, ‘Daddy, I will have my own place one day, and you can stay over by hugging me at night’. i,e,- family court & social did not give me permission as I live in Asylum accommodation even though it’s a safe house. Infringe on my right to private life and my child’s right.
13. I can’t tell my little son Daddy I am sorry I do not have enough to get you this sweet but to remain silent.
14. I am being blamed many times even for working for more than 15 organisations locally, nationally, and internationally as a volunteer. What have you done so far? Why do not you go back? Let alone the even I answer; I have a British child here who needs me.
16. I can’t tell anyone because I campaign for the rights of Asylum seekers and refugees. My claim has been pending last 5 and half years by the home office, and I moved from Newcastle to Glasgow as I have local support in Newcastle. I can not ask anyone to help me with this to resolve as the legal aid solicitor has limited funds.

17. The list goes on.. if (one day I get my status) suddenly I will be homeless and not know how to continue my studies..I am not a privileged refugee in the UK. Studying Bar (law) and living in this situation is not easy. I had to go a long way to achieve this. Read the journey here- Changing the Immigration Bail Act and study ban on Asylum seekers in the UK through my Case- Link

I usually do not share them, but I am sharing because many people sometimes question me – Oh! You are getting free somewhere to stay, money and what else you want!.
The question is- you tell me to integrate into society.. I am trying my best, but do you ever think about the amount of trauma, sleepless nights, fear of getting deported and levelling my son, stress and negligence from the system I get? I leave it to you for answers…..

Md Mominul Hamid
(Law(Bar) Student and An Proud Asylum seeker & Victim of Slavery And Trafficking in the UK)

See all my achievements and story- https://abirking.com/mds-journey-my-story-in-media/

See my BBC interview- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNtUOy9AF-E&t=21s

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