It’s a night ” where my eyes take me”

Tuesday night. I got out of the house at 10 pm. I did not want to return home. I don’t remember any alleys of Newcastle city. I don’t know why I turned around. At one point it seemed like it’s a night ” where my eyes takes me”

Around 12 o’clock at night, I thought, it is not bad to go to my favourite person. You can hang out as usual. Its Newcastle city. The gate on quayside Road is closed, there is no security. I turned around and saw another road, there was also a gate lock. This condition is now visible in all areas after 8 pm due to corona.

Security came forward and looked at him with a smirk, saying it could not be opened, prohibited by the authorities. I said, I will go to my favourite person house. I was getting newly married, my brother helped me a little. He smiled and said, oh … new marriage? Go go go …. He opened the gate of the road.

After chatting with my favourite person for half an hour and going out on the same road again, the gate is locked. He stood in front of the security car and said, how was it.. I said it was great.

I took out my sanctuary sweets from my wallet and handed it over to the security. He opened the gate and asked, “Brother, is your favourite person house is in this building?”

I replied in a low voice, hmm, on the other side of the building. He tried to correct me and said, Nah brother on this side surely.

I looked the other way in a weaker voice and said, no brother, on the other side.
He said in a surprised manner, the cemetery ( graveyard) on the other side !!

I said, hmm, that’s right. My mother lives in the same place like this in Bangladesh. The security did not say anything to me…
It’s 12.30 am … Walking back to home.. Md

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