I have been nominated for the Charity Champion of the Year, 2020 – “North East Charity Award 2020”

“This Nomination is Dedicated to All of my Brother and sisters and families around the world who is seeking Sanctuary and taking the uncertain journey to have a safe life” Md

Last Year With Action Foundation

First of all i would like to thank everyone who has supported me in this journey and North east charity Award for nominating me. Being an Asylum seeker in the UK and living on uncertainty i never thought i will be in this platform. It was last year I was with Action Foundation in the Annual North East charity Award 2019. We have won double Award. One was for the Charity Leader of the Year, Julian Prior, and Best charity of the Year 2019, Action foundation. I was really happy to wear those nice suits and be there and have a nice dinner and watch the mighty show and thinking about the huge contribution those people have done and the organisations.

Due to Covid-19 , i have started my own initiative to be there for the vulnerable community in the Newcastle and asylum seekers and Refugees with idea of my ” Md’s Little help food Bank” ( Weekly). I never thought i would be able to drop food packs and manage this with lots of lovely people around me and others help. First i started doing it by my BIKE. It was almost everyday from March 2020 until July 2020 i did it.

It was a huge experience and also social experiment with ethnic and local food journey with i was been able to compromise in my food packs. My Little help food bank food packs were serving the purpose for Both local and international community. Most of the item was vegetarian and healthy. In 14 weeks i have been able to drop around 700 food packs around the community which includes- Locals, Migrants, Asylum seekers. Refugees and Elderlies. Each food pack was consists of 14-21 items.

Then ,I have tried to share some easy and cost-effective recipe and the items can found in the food packs i provide. Which makes things easy for everyone in the Covid and also i got so many compliments and call from Moms that they love it. I used to be a chef before. I have produced ^ receipees which can be seen in my Youtube chanel here. πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ˜ŠπŸ§‘πŸ»β€πŸ³

North East Charity AWARD 2019 Highlights

Getting in to the nomination for the Charity Champion of the year is like a dream for me. I wish i could let that know to my beloved mother who was my everything. She used to tell me it is important to respect peoples view and participation in the competition is much more important than winning it. I always remember her last advice- Be there for people and be there for your community, something good will happen in return” Now my finger Crossed..🀞🏽🀞🏽… Really thanks to North East charity Award for nominating me. It means a lot for me. Here is my Nomination LINKπŸ‘‡πŸ»


Surprisingly i was been nominated in the First ever Amnesty International Bravery Award this year as well. My urge to everyone please keep my moms last word and act on it and please keep me in your blessing list that i could finish my LAW degree and help more people in the community in the future.

My Nomination on the Bravery Award 2020, by Amnesty International

SPECIAL THANKS TO – UNHCR UK, CITY OF SANCTUARY UK, TELL MAMA UK, IMIX UK, D6- CULTURE IN TRANSIT UK, CURIOUS MONKEY UK, REFUGEE WEEK UK, CITIZENS ADVICE NEWCASTLE, WEST END REFUGEE SERVICES , ACTION FOUNDATION, TYNE AND WEAR FIRE AND RESCUE SERVICES, NORTHUMBRIA UNIVERISTY UK, NORTHUMBRIA STUDENTS UNION, NORTHUMBRIA LAW SCHOOL, Amy Golding, Andrea C, Rosie Tapsfield, Sean Summer Rees, teesa Sayers, Rosie , Collen Molly, Sam Slatcher, Sam McGil, Luke M, Mohaned Elenour, Rae, Riana, Kahina, Thea, Aibad, Ruth, Neil -Imix, Emily Churchill Zaara, Tom Green, Evettee, Jen Bagelman, Caroline, Beth, Waseem, Honey Rose, Karen, Saadi, Hannah, Habib Rahaman, Ahmed and others.

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