I have been honoured to receive the Contribution Role Award for the Third Consecutive Year at Northumbria Law School.


Dear Respectives’,

I hope you all are well and safe and you would accept my apologies for sharing my current situation and achievements. 

 I am thrilled and humbled to share with you all that I have been honoured with the Contribution Role Award for the third consecutive year at Northumbria Law School (Please see the attached). This recognition holds a special place in my heart as it represents my commitment to academic excellence and my dedication to making a positive impact in the legal community and my community.

Receiving this award is a testament to the unwavering support and guidance I have received from my mentors, professors, and peers throughout my journey. It has been a challenging yet incredibly fulfilling road, and I couldn’t have accomplished this without the encouragement and inspiration I’ve found within this vibrant academic community. I want to submit my gratitude my Tutors, Family, Friends, and University officials.

However, while celebrating this achievement, I find myself in a bittersweet moment as my father, who was my pillar of strength and motivation, passed away on the day I received this wonderful news. It’s a heartbreaking loss, and I miss him deeply. He was my guiding light and constant encouragement in every endeavour I pursued.

In these moments of joy and grief intertwined, I am reminded of the resilience that has shaped my journey so far. My father’s belief in my potential has instilled in me the determination to carry on and honour his memory through my continued pursuit of excellence in the legal field.

As I look back on my academic years, I am grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to engage with my peers and contribute to the growth of Northumbria Law School. The invaluable experiences and friendships made during this time have been crucial in shaping the person and professional I am today.

Moving forward, I am committed to using my knowledge and skills to positively impact the legal community and society at large. I believe every challenge is an opportunity for growth, and I am determined to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others through my passion for law and justice.

Lastly, I want to thank each one of you in my online community for your constant encouragement and support. Your kind words and messages of congratulations mean the world to me, and they provide the strength needed to navigate this bittersweet moment in my life. Special thanks to Professor Michael Stockdale (Head of Law School), Debbie Rook and Delphine Defossez (My favourite), Madam, for supporting, nominating me and keeping your trust in me. I am having a very difficult time atm.  

**I have been given 1 year of Limited Leave to Remain (DLR) (on the same day again my dad passed away and got this recognition) while my asylum claim is still ongoing, and this is putting me in a very difficult situation as all my support will be revoked, and I will. be homeless soon. I am trying to liaise with my university and seeking support during this hard time, and one of my friends is helping me. University is working on it. Thanks to Alice Holder and William Hedley and the finance team. As I am on full-time study and scholarship, I can not apply for any support from the DWP and can not apply for student finance (You can read more on page 17 in the guidelines).  Even to some extent, I am not eligible for social housing. I have Bar exams resit in August as well.

My journey as an aspiring legal professional, despite the hardships, will continue, fueled by the memories of my beloved father and mother and the unwavering support of all those who believe in me. Please keep me in your blessings.

Also, thanks to Vice and Pro Vice Chancellor of Northumbria University, DJ Michelle Temple, DJ Rippon, Ben Hoare Bell, Adam Ramshaw, Peter Judge, Anna Edgar, Debbie Beeks, Laura Dubinsky KC, Charles Prest KC, Barrister Mukhtier Singh, Nusrat Uddin, Anna Gonzalez, Mia Hakl-Law, Alice Holder, Jill Alexander, William Hedley, Jessica Greenshit,, Barrister Anirudh Mathur, Refugee Week, Amy Cameron, Luke Swinhoe, Sam McGill, Barrister Reagan Persaud, Cara Turner, Kerry Upham, The Honourable Society of Inner Temple, Stephenie Baughen, Mia Hakl-Law, Support Through Court, Citizens Advice Newcastle, Alona Welby, Hayley Watson, Andrea Carter, Clymene Christoforou, North Tyneside VODA, Hope for the young, Northumbria University officials, Bar course tutors and University Cleaners. 

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