How did I Challenge Direct Discrimination in Superstore?

Thought I should share this with everyone, I was been directly discriminated on a renowned superstore in Newcastle while doing a purchase month back. 

Cashier asked for my ID which is she is not entitled to do so or it’s not even in their policy. Cashier told me it’s a ‘Random ID Check’ 3 times when I asked for confirmation of what the reason was. As University students, we are entitled to a store discount which is automatically put into our customer card. So the Id check was not legit.

I did let the cashier check my Id just to keep this as video evidence on the CCTV. I raised this as a complaint and then the store manager tried to put it under the blanket supporting the cashier telling me her cashier did not have done it and had checked everything and spoken to the cashier about it. The store manager even did not follow my request to respond to me via my email address rather than calling me on my personal number which she resources from my data stored in the company.

I took this further and challenged it through the trading standards and then the regional manager got involved in it with my repeated approach.

2nd Investigation happened with higher authorities.

What did they find after 2nd investigation?- 
Direct discrimination, both workers were guilty, the store manager has been out of business for failing to investigate it and the cashier is on warning. 

Why I am sharing this- it’s important to challenge discrimination/ racism when it occurs if you know it was not your fault. Whether you win or lose, you always leave a message that ‘Discrimination/ Racism is not acceptable in the community’ regardless of your appearance. Mds Journey continues. …Thanks everyone for the support always. Md
P.s. The product I bought was Nivea Men’s Cream 🙏

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