HELLO everyone, I hope you are doing well. I want to thank Prime minister Boris Johnson and his Government. Government has already released 350 asylum seekers who were indifferent detention centres and lunched system-wide case reviews and put a bar on many new detentions. I also want to thank people and organisation who campaigned for this. I was one of them and like many of you are. I also want to thank civil servants who are involved in this process, especially those who work at the home office and directly involved in this process. I am aware that the Government is committed to reviewing the cases of every single person currently detained, prioritising those with relevant underlying health conditions. Government has halted new detentions for people liable to removal to 49 countries including Jamaica, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan and Albania. I am aware that Home Office has also issued new guidance, including a review of cleaning practices in detention centres, provision of anti-bacterial cleaning materials on request and facilities that allow self-isolation in single occupancy rooms. Both Government and home officials deserve thanks for making these necessary changes. I am one of the people who could be detained, so the issue is very close to home and personal. I am feeling very emotional; I know what it means to leave in fear of begin detained at any time. Thank you, every one, one of you who worked hard to make this change. People like me are free and will be better protected during this crisis because of your work. Stay safe, stay well, and look after each other.

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