Corona Virus Seeking Asylum?

Hello everyone. I hope you all are doing well. Nothing to be panic through my title. As an asylum seeker in the UK, I thought Corona Virus is trying to seek asylum all around the world atm. Let’s see how it does actually—

Corona And Asylum:

I think in terms of vulnerability we had a close relationship with Corona. There is only one problem ” Corona can explore wherever they want, But Asylum seekers can not. But it is a good fact the level of people is getting desperate in terms of getting their daily needs in markets or superstore are showing the trend how desperate people can be in terms of needs for their life. I have seen videos on Facebook, people are doing WWE for toilet tissues( Sorry Could not upload it as because I believe in no violence). I would love to ask the question to those people who do not `appreciate the facts of seeking asylum by people ” How they feel when they turn on the superstore knowing the fact there is nothing left at home and there is nothing even they wanted to pay” Does it made them desperate to get that for their home? do they still prefer to do WWE ( Fighting)? I hope my message is clear here for them. I would urge to think about it. We all need to be in this beautiful world and be there for us. The virus issue will not go away itself. We all need to act fast about it and of course together.

Seeking Asylum in this time of the year

There are no restrictions about seeking asylum although we are going through a severe global problem. I am wondering after couple of weeks if that goes on, and the countries failed to protect its citizen’s people will be starting to move to seek asylum in best-protected countries. So, if that is the case why when people seek asylum because of their problems always have been criticised by a number of people and even the system?

Being positive: 

 When you are confined for virus issues look at those lovely elderly peoples and residence in Italy how are behaving, how they are creating bridge if there are disruptions. Try to adopt it. There is still a chance to be with your community and that is an example. Look at the picture below. Did you have thought when you are trying to stockpiling about the vulnerable people in the community? Do you know if you can not protect them then it will be your turn? A group of the monkey will create anarchy when they will not have their basic needs. As a citizen of our country, we must give that a thought and at least call or knock the next 3 doors of our house and ask them about their situation. I have done mine. Did you?

Advice to be sent to your community: I have been getting messages from different organisations and people from my twitter that if I can pass the safety messages to the community I am involved with. Thanks to all of you who are really concern about us. As we are from different counties and we speak different languages there is a platform being introduced to raise awareness about virus issues. Please find them here which has been published by the doctors of the world and it has got numerous language options in google drive. Please share them widely. Those links can be useful for everyone in your community.

Also, there is another platform available from- Bigleaf Foundation in the hub. The link is –

Escaping from Virus: Unfortunately living in the limbo and getting used to hearing that famous sentence ” Why do not you go back” does not really will be working for the asylum seeker community or refugees at the moment. We are already  getting into the  Home office Hostile environment and we all have other stories of disaster in our personal life. I was thinking one of the escape plan will be -I could go to the ” King Cross station” and try to find a sneaky way like (Super rich Isolate them in banker) to Harry Porter palace using platform 9. 3/4 . What do you think? Would that be a good idea? Let me know in comments..

Really Greatful these lovely people and ornaisations below who always inspire me and give me the stranght to live and write and go forward. Please feel free to msg me anytime on my twitter- @abirhamid2017.

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