Christmas Jaunt to Worcester, England,2019.


Hello everyone, Merry Christmas. Most probably you are now on the sofa or in the transport reading my Christmas jaunt in Worcester. Let’s clarify the word “jaunt”. Jaunt is a verb and it means- A short journey for pleasure. Of course, Christmas is one of the biggest festivals in the UK I love to participate and be with my friends. Worcester is a city in central England’s West Midlands region. By the River Severn, medieval Worcester Cathedral houses royal tombs, a crypt, and cloisters. At The Commandery, a museum traces the building’s evolution from the Middle Ages through England’s Civil War to the 1950s. The timber-framed Tudor House Museum focuses on life in Tudor and 17th-century Worcester, with displays on traditional brewing and weaving.

The Cathedral was founded in 680, with a Northumbrian priest, Tatwine, appointed as its first bishop. Tatwine died before he could be consecrated, however, so his successor Bishop Bosel may be regarded as Worcester’s first serving bishop. The first cathedral church, dedicated to Ss. Peter and Paul, was built in this period, but no remains of its architecture survive. The crypt of the present-day cathedral dates from the 11th century and the time of Wulfstan ‘Bishop of Worcester.

The cathedral’s west facade appeared, with a portrait of Sir Edward Elgar, on the reverse of £20 note issued by the Bank of England between 1999 and 2007, remaining in circulation as legal tender until 30 June 2010

some nice messages in the Festival of Christmas tree in Worcester Cathedral.

So, I had landed at my friends in Worcester on the 23rd of December. He is a district City Councillor of Worcester City Council. We went to see the Cathedral on 24th and we found there is an ongoing Christmas Tree Festival inside. Found some nice Christmas tree and really inspirational as well.

It was really great to see the children of Callow End Primary school has left some great messages on the decorated Christmas tree impressed me most. I wish we could understand the effects of climate changes and act on it where those little kids do.

Then I went to see the Famous River Severn. This river was used to transport goods from all the way Wales- Birmingham. There is still a famous Salt Road ( Where they used to produce salt) by the river of Dorithwich. There is a SWAN SANCTUARY in Worcester where you can see the gorgeous swans are on the river.

Then I went to the famous Worcester Porcelain. Royal Worcester was established in 1751 and is believed to be the oldest or second oldest remaining English porcelain brand still in existence today. Part of the Portmeirion Group since 2009, Royal Worcester remains in the luxury tableware and giftware market, although production in Worcester itself has ended. You can visit there and it is located just beside the Cathedral. The opening time and price per person are on the pictures. Here I saw the biggest ever made porcelain vase ( Chicago vase-1893) in history. It’s amazing it has got one related to my friend family. His great-great-uncle painted the decoration of this vase. Really impressive and beautiful.

Then I moved to the city to see some history. Worcester has a very important participation in Civil War 1642-1649. There was a battle of Worcester In 1651. The King Charles house was one of the important establishment in Worcester which can be seen on the edge of the city centre.

It was really festive in Worcester. Families and lots of people were in the city centre and looks beautiful. People are happy and ready for Christmas. I also bought a famous Worcester Souce. Worcester is a birthplace of Worcester sauce. Which is very famous around the world now. I remember I saw it’s been sold in Portugal as well. Lea & Perrins company still make it which has been started since the mid of 19th century. We saw “Guildhall” which the now the heart of council activities. It was got the magnificent Statue of Queen Ann which shows the sign of that period 1702-1714).

It was a long day. Then I had some shopping and came to my friends home. I cooked some nice Indian meal.

Smoke Turkey Curry with herbs.
Lentil rice & Okra fry

Please Let me know if you have any questions and if I can be of any help for your future visit to Worcester. You will find my contact details on my blog menu. I am waiting, for now, Christmas day and Christmas dinner. Or follow me on twitter- @abirhamid2017 . Also My youtube – . There are some other random pictures attached in the gallery. Next time when I come to Worcester my blog will be visiting ” Great Malvern Hills”

I wish and pray for you and your loved ones and family & friends a Happy Christmas and Happy New Year 2020. Please if possible keep me in your blessing list and get back to me_ Md Abir King.

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