An evening In Gateshead Millennium Bridge, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.

It was last week when I went with my friend to the quayside, Newcastle and was impressed to see the beautiful view of Millennium Bridge (MB). It’s worth to have a nice walk throughout the riverside and for sure it will make you feel relax and get some fresh breeze to form the river. You may try to shout ” I love you …” while you are in the middle of MB. I did but I didn’t shout. It is very famous and just next to Newcastle city centre. If you come to Newcastle and ask anyone of the locals they will direct you there. You will also be able to see the Tyne Bridge while walking through the riverside. There is a baltic centre (Art and Culture centre- very famous and free) next to the MB. Opening times are available at- . i will go with the details of the Baltic centre visit in my another blog near future. But feel free to share your experiences with me in the comment section. MB has some amazing facts which can be really addictive and iconic to Gateshead and Newcastle. I have managed to get them here for you at the end. Please feel free to share your views and comments in my post and your recommendations. Your inspiration and comments will help me to be a better blogger and traveller in future.

Some Amazing- Facts of MB-

Featured on a first class stamp in 2000 The Gateshead Millennium Bridge at night

36,000 people lined the banks of the River Tyne to watch the bridge tilt for the first time on 28 June 2001

Contains enough steel to make 64 double decker buses or 16 Chieftain tanks

Cost £22m to build

Each opening and closing takes four and a half minutes

Cleans up its own litter – anything dropped on the deck automatically rolls into special traps at each end of the bridge each time it opens

Can withstand a collision from a 4,000 tonne ship travelling at 4 knots

Has concrete foundations stretching to 30 metres, anchoring it to the river bed

Is powered by eight electric motors – enough power to run more than eight Ford Focus cars

Sits on 19,000 tonnes of concrete

Stretches 126 metres across the River Tyne

Was lowered into place by Europe’s largest floating crane – Asian Hercules II

The very top of the arch stands 50 metres above the River Tyne when in its normal state

Weighs more than 800 tonnes

Is adjacent to an area called Baltic Square: an open-air performance space which has been host to a number of high profile events such as the first ever Top Of The Pops outdoor event in July 2004, Orange Evolution music festival 2005.

Has been used in numerous television, film and media projects such as 55 Degrees North (BBC), the national football film GOAL! (GOAL Productions) and on the front cover of Bentley magazine

The Gateshead Millennium Bridge appeared on a pound coin from the Royal Mint in 2007, representing EnglandSource:

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