“ A lack of knowledge creates fear. Seeking knowledge creates courage “

Life is difficult and people will not do anything for you without any purpose. Only Almighty will help you unconditionally. Believe in good and keep faith on him. You will be succeed one-day. I am a simple man.Hate people who are fake and show up. Also I hate liars and I love to help people in any cost. Don’t let people to use you. Life is short and do something for people that the world can remember you after you left this beautiful world. I hate people who trying to be claver with me. Sense of humour we all have and we can easily detect that who is honest or not. Yes still on a way to find someone who will be there for me till the end of life and hold my hands. Now smile if you read it aha!! It doesn’t cost you money to be good with someone and smile 5 mins for a day thinking about your good did and good moments. Take a challenge then msg me …Md Mominul Hamid



My story

Its all about my travel, daily life and asylum seekers life  in the uk and community awareness. thanks for visiting my blog. Any kind of suggestions or help will be highly accepted. English is my second language so i would like to tell everyone who is readind my blog please forgave me for my grammer or bad english. I do travel a lot throughout the nature and try to find the link. As an Asylum seeker in the UK i find it very interesting to face the system and and nature in the same time. I try to share my sorrows and bad memories through my horrible past with nature.I thought it will be great if people know about it and i can share it. I am a community Advocate. Life is very short and i believe and it’s my mom’s request to be there for people and help them always. I am trying to do this. Uk is my first home now. Although i am from Bangladesh i left my country when i was 18. 

During my stay in the UK , I have worked as a volunteer in numerous organizations- British Red Cross, Newham borough Council, London Olympics and Para-Olympics Game 2012, The Great Exhibition of North 2018, Action Foundation, Citizens Advice, Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service, D6- Culture in Transit, MAJF, Penny Appeal. Recently i have Joined City Of Sanctuary UK and University of Sanctuary UK movement. I have also Joined STAR( Student Actions for refugees). A trustee in West End Refugee Services” All my work is my intention to give something back to my community and the people of the UK as I am so grateful to the Country i am. Yes, there are problems in my life, everybody has but regardless of that we all should be there for People and for the Community. ” Help People and be there for them no matter what” You will be remembered
                                                                   ( My Mother)..Thanks”
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