A letter from the House of Commons. The Success of an Asylum seeker Campaigner – MD

It was back in August 2020, I raised the issues with the Hostel Housing of Asylum seekers in Newcastle. I was on my own in this journey and never thought I will be able to see this outcome. Where you can see what was the situation and most of the inhabitants of the hostel used to live in their friend’s house somewhere because of this situation at least for the last 7-8 months. I made a short video and then published it at that time. I did not stop it there even though I used to get threats and abusive comments in my youtube video. There is some left in the comment section in this video on youtube. See this video πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»

The Hostel Situation of Asylum seekers in Newcastle , August ,2020.

What happened next- After I raised this issue and when it went to social media and local media like Metro radio and other national media the Home Office and my Local Mp take this situation into account. An investigation was launched and the situation was sorted promptly.

Updates from The hostel after couple of days.

I am happy the issue was been addressed and then this week got the reply of acknowledgment from the House of Commons and Home office. Residents are happy. Would like to thanks the people who have supported me in this campaign and make it happen. Although I do not live in this Hostel as a community advocate and asylum rights campaigner it was my moral duty to be there for us. I know my rights and as a Law student myself I will devote myself to any kind of injustice in the future as well. I really wish your support and blessing will be there for me always. When i go to the hostel nowadays to drop food packs I find them happy and the blessings I get from them are unimaginable. My journey for us will continue. Last but in the list – ” Be there for your community, Be there for people, Something good will happen in return” ( My beloved Mother) … Thanks to everyone for reading. Please share your thoughts and comments below. Regards- MD


Letter from The House of Commons .

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